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In the bead cupboard…

Lauder Dress

I hope you haven’t missed us too much! We’ve been very busy working on our new online shop that’s launching soon…

Cora Coat

The new Cora Coat in Lapis Purple, an incredible pop of colour

We are hiring! PA / Office Manager

Opportunity This is a very special opportunity to join a small but highly specialised team of people working with Charles and Patricia …

Sarah Moon has a dreamy, ethereal style that is far more abstract and inventive than that of other noted photographers at the time. Her … → March 11, 2016

What’s new in Liberty?

We regularly top up our Liberty rails with a lot more colour and texture, to keep expanding our offering in London. Customers have …


Charles and Patricia Lester in Vogue

Harpers and Queen

You can always count on finding incredible gems in the archives, like this image from Harpers and Queen magazine