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A small selection of some of the feature articles and mentions in both magazines and broad sheet publications. Some are glossy magazine pages which showcase several designers work whilst others are full page articles about the Lesters, their ideas, lifestyle, inspirations and the work that they do. This is only just scratching the surface there are boxes of press clippings in the attic but we hope over time that we will be able to publish it all.
Quite a bit of the press coverage we have received over the years, has been as a result of conversations with editors and journalists who are working on particular projects. There is a great deal that we have not known about until someone alerts us to the fact that something has been included in an aritcle somewhere. it is not unusual for us to receive (sometimes anonymously) clippings which have been carefully folded in an envelope and posted to us.
None of them have been published in any order – no doubt we will at some point put them into some sort of order – perhaps chronologically so that you can see the progress over the years.

The Guardian – February 14th 1996

    The Guardian, Wednesday February 14 1996 Leighton centenary celebration recreates high period of Victorian art The actress, Dorothy Dene, (left) …

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THE ORIENT EXPRESS – Magazine                   Orient-Express Magazine, 1997 Fashion on the Wings of …