Press Release: Charles and Patricia Lester outfit on BBC’s “Casualty” starring Rula Lenska

Rula Lenska, BBC casualty
Rula wearing a Charles and Patricia Lester Symphony Coat in silk velvet

“Where the Truth Lies” to be screened on Saturday 9th July starring Rula Lenska wearing a luxuriously hand pleated silk Jeanette dress and silk velvet Symphony Coat from the Lester Collections.

“Casualty” has been on our screens for no less that thirty years which in itself is a massive achievement for any television programme. The celebrations leading up to the 1000th episode have been two years in the planning and build up.

It is clear that a great deal has gone into the the development of the story lines to make the most of this show having been on air for so long. It has been suggested that the very existence of the hospital is under threat (cue crescendo of dramatic music). For many it is a well loved classic so with the added drama for these episodes is exciting stuff indeed.

Charles and Patricia Lester – star guest role.

Charles and Patricia have an international reputation for their beautifully luxurious outfits for women who appreciate the uniqueness of their bespoke wearable art. Each piece is crafted individually using techniques that they have developed over the 50 plus years that they have been in this business. Each piece of cloth is painted by hand before being silk screen printed and/or hand pleated before being carefully cut, stitched and beaded into wonderfully sophisticated and elegant gowns and outfits.

No strangers to the world of film and television, Charles and Patricia were delighted when they were approached to provide something extra special for Casualty’s guest star Rula Lenska. From the elegant outfits created for the Oscar nominated “Wings of the Dove” to the less elaborate costumes for the recent horror film “Heretiks” and now “Casualty”, this is just an example of how varied and interesting the world of costume design can be and the diversity of the work that the Lesters do.

Rula Lenska is playing the part of a glamorous socialite Vera Vintner who is due to go to a very elegant event when she meets with – yep you’ve guessed it – an accident and ends up in the casualty ward. That I’m afraid is all that we know other than being reassured that special effects blood etc. would not damage our silk dress or velvet coat. So no spoiler alert needed.

The outfit

Rula will be seen wearing a silk “Jeanette Dress” in ‘Sedona Red’ which is not too dissimilar to the style of dresses worn by Helena Bonham Carter and Charlotte Rampling in “Wings of the Dove”. It is made using the Lester hallmark hand pleated silk for which they are most well known.

The velvet “Symphony coat” is a wonderfully sumptuous patchwork creation in mixed purples, blues with highlights of ginger which complement the russet tones of both Rula’s luxurious red hair and red of the dress. Judging by the feedback from the “Casualty” tema, the outfit was both loved and appreciated.

It is clear that this is a momentous time for all the team at “Casualty” and we look forward to seeing Rula in her star guest role.


Further Information

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ull Press Release available by request.


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