Charles and Patricia Lester by Sarah Moon

7d06e0b18c45e2501e4c7f35cc9a2b9c Sarah Moon has a dreamy, ethereal style that is far more abstract and inventive than that of other noted photographers at the time. Her work is more an exploration of textures, colours and developing processes rather than a homage to the clothes. The above photograph was shot for Joyce Magazine in 1994 and styled by Patrizia Roversi. It’s very evoking of the 1920s and the reflection of the silk, paired with the dark background gives a feel of the midnight hour. It’s an utterly glamorous shot, without effort. 369897a46e30b2eb6d3904833bcaebe4-2This was for Vogue Italia in 1986 and really captures the soft, feminine, natural quality of gown shown. As a photographer her style compliments ours, which is most likely why these pictures are so successful. She has the same timeless approach that we look to evoke when designing our pieces. The grainy film processing is just as classic as our screen printing and hand sewing techniques.

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