Follies By the Sea

Charles and Patricia Lester

5th August 2011

As we know you love finding special treasures at very special prices – we thought we had better let you know that we have found some more for you.

There is another good reason why we  are clearing out more bargains for you to enjoy …….


Those who know us are aware that we have been building a bit of a folly by the sea.  This has changed from being a massive hobby and now I tell everyone that it is an old people’s home because it has taken 11 years of really hard work and we are both that much older!  When I say really hard work – it has been just that with Charles doing a huge amount himself with the help of two Polish brothers.  I do design work – trying to use up all the architectural reclamation pieces that we have collected over the years and I am the cleaner – three men building make a huge amount of mess!


Our home of the last 38 years is up for sale and we hope to be moving to the new homestead very soon, but this has left us with a dilemma.  Our current home has all sorts of extra rooms and a huge attic and even though the new house is bigger in terms of floor space – we do not have the hiding places that we enjoy here.

Llanfoist House

So we have a problem – what to do with all the things that have been stored over here because  there is not enough room at the workhouse.  We therefore decided to have a sale and clear out masses of things that we will no longer have the space to store.


E-bay has eaten up loads of things that once might have been considered useless.  Then there are the clothes and fabrics.  Those who know our work know that it is timeless and indeed worth investing in because of the very nature of being fashionably unfashionable.  There are some rare pieces that have been hidden away because they are too nice to part with, but with our less than exotic lifestyle they will not grace our backs and it is a shame that they cannot go out partying.


Silk Devore TopSo over the next couple of months it will be worth looking every now and then at the on-line shop because there will be some Hand painted Summer Silk Danuta Dress - Calf Length interesting pieces appearing and some surprisingly cheap prices scattered through the site.  Costumes, vintage, experiments, interior pieces, fabrics will gradually appear.  I cannot believe the amount of things that we have squirrelled away.  I might even sell off all my antique lace – if I can bear to part with it.







With best wishes from a hot and sunny day in Wales.


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