April 15th 2010

April News – March Hares, Social Media Madness and more to come ….

Charles &  Patricia Lester

The sun is shining, the daffodils are blooming with incandescence and AT LAST it feels like Spring does exist after all. It will no doubt be an explosion of green that happens in just a couple of weeks but corr blimey doesn’t it feel amazing to not be in the throws of icy winds and bitter skies?

The Llansteffan project is coming along at a pace now where the building is looking more and more like a proper home instead of a very dusty, chaotic building site which has been the norm for many years. Underfloor heating, cement lakes forming newly laid floors and even a chandelier or two – all looking very exciting. This light is in the top of the tower and you can just see the hand painted panel featuring roses – all carefully hand painted by Patricia.

More pictures of the conservatory – with the lake of cement being poured and spread – which is now a floor waiting for something interesting to be laid upon it.


Developing Fixations about Clumps of Browned Grass……..

The magic of the views of the sea with the ever changing light and colours of the air and waters makes tea breaks and early morning cogitations full of peace and tranquility. This is until of course, someone notices that a clump of grass far off into the distance has developed a slight twitch that is consistently going against the flow of gently windswept tussocks. The soft muted tones of the browned strands of last years crop can suddenly develop ears and start moving across the field. It’s a hare. No sooner do we spot it than we develop a fixation for staring at other clumps of grass in case they should leap up and sprint across the field.


Leaping Hares in Llansteffan














Hiding Hare













Hare leaping across the field before it decided to hide in the grass again.


Coming soon …… limited time treat a few pleated jackets at special prices.

Charles & Patricia LesterPleated jackets are always popular …. very popular … but of course they are the most expensive items that we have. As a special treat we will be offering some of them at a  discount over the next few days. We have some more special items to go onto the shop but they are unique art pieces that will not be reduced as they are much too special and individual. We don’t like the shop being too cluttered as that is just confusing so instead we  are going to offer a few of them to you first. There are not many – so if you do have a favourite then it would be a good idea to let us know sooner rather than later so that we can put it to one side for you.

And then after that …… we will be featuring some of the luxury interior textiles.
Charles & Patricia Lester

The girls are muttering in work. Patricia has been doing her Rumpelstiltskin act again. If you have not experienced this then you will not be aware of the overwhelming affects of her creating such a vast collection of pieces that there is a sense of magic being at play – no one person should be able to produce the amount that she does. Once it has been decided that we need to have more pieces then Patricia gets on and makes them although there is a tendency to feel that there is a bit of Nanny McPhee mystery about how she does it. Wanting to retire huh? No chance! The girls now feel like they are drowning in cushion covers. There are loads of new ones being finished as we speak so even though they are not “Wearable Art” they will be featured on the shop shortly.


And they’re off……

Lack of reliable broadband in Llansteffan has meant that the “Cyber-Granny” has been unable to get online to further her advancement in the world of online networking. Frustration abounds as she is seen champing at the bit unable to gallop down the straight path of beating “Twittering Geek” in the race of getting the most interesting collection of contacts in their networks. Fear not – the race will be back on as soon as the computer is fired up and the conversations are begun again.

What am I on about? Social media networking of course! My mother and I are working hard to connect with as many interesting people on the internet as we can. It’s all about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the many other smaller specialist online communities which are proving immense worth for us. As these sites are featured more frequently in conversations and in the news, so more and more people are jumping on board, joining in and connecting with like-minded souls from around the world. With Harrods being the last retail outlet in the UK to move away from us, we have focussed our communications online. It is working very well and we are very excited about it knowing full well that we have only just started and there is massive potential of finding a huge group of lovely people who will enrich our lives further.

I have included links below to our various profiles – please feel free to send a connection request and join us in our networks. We have an open door policy and welcome all.

Do you want to know more about Social Media? If so, then perhaps you will be interested in joining me for a Social Media Marketing workshop that I have been invited to run with a fellow networker Judith Germain who is well known for her Leadership Expertise. This day is not for total beginners but for people who have begun to dabble with creating a few profiles and are looking to expand their business activities using social media to promote what they do. If you are interested in something a little more basic – an introduction to what it is all about then please get in touch with me direct.

Georgina’s profiles: – Ecademy, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

Patricia’s profiles:- LinkedIn, Facebook

Facebook fan page


Social Media is getting us noticed….

Charles & Patricia Lester


Since our last email, it has been proved just how valuable the internet is proving to be as a necessary tool to getting our story out to new and interesting people. This last few weeks has generated a couple of good front page articles on websites including CelebrityDialogue.comand Visit Wales USA. We have made some incredible connections with fascinating and inspiring individuals who if we had tried to meet off line first, would probably take years of travelling, writing, and meetings just to get on nodding terms in the lift.

It’s not just about US all this website and online networking stuff, it is about YOU and what is important to you!

Those who know us well will appreciate that we love people and invariably many customers become long term friends. Customers who love our things invariably love the many things that interest us too and it is not unusual for us to love what our customers do as well. Amongst our clan we have many talented artists, performers, singers, directors, dancers, writers, and so on who are an inspiration in themselves. Our thinking is that if you are an artist and you like our stuff then not only will we be likely to like your things but so will our other customers. So we want to know about YOU and what you are doing. There are plans to set up an online community of people enjoy beauty and appreciate creativity in all its forms. I am sure that you know of many other talented artists and designers who would be interested in being a part of a small, exclusive group of people. Please tell us about them.


Visiting the Studios
Spending some time with us at the studios is always the best way of getting to experience the whole collection and the ability to try things on is invariably much more fun and interesting.

Opening times:- Monday to Friday 10.30am to 4.30pm

Remember our guarantee!

Buying on the internet is becoming a part of our every day lives but we know that there is nothing like coming to the studios to play for a few hours trying on the vast variety of styles and shapes available as well as experimenting with the huge array of colour combinations possible.

If you buy an item and it does not suit you, was not what you expected or does not fit properly, then we offer you a 100% money back guarantee provided that it is sent back to us in its original condition within a few days. All that we ask is that you pay for the postage/courier.

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