St. George’s Day – Pleated Jackets at celebratory prices

It is St. George’s Day on Friday – and we thought that we would make a little dedication to Mother St. George – my mother’s favourite nun at school. Suffice to say that being the maverick spirit that she is, my mother was not exactly a compliant pupil. Whilst she might have been a shy character, there are stories that have been told about all sorts of rebelliousness that would make any free thinking individual proud.

Going on strike and refusing to pray in Latin, stealing candlesticks for reading elicitly in the middle of the night, climbing out on roofs are the sort of stories that I remember being recounted about the good old days at the convent. Mother St. George sounded like the kind of person who be the best nun to have around when you got into trouble. She was evidently a bubbly, lively character, down to earth and very willing to wrap you up in a hug. She would be the one who would reassure my mother and tell her that she was ok.

However, one could argue that she wasn’t always completely right. I have heard that she told my mother that she would never make an artist (art being her subject). Perhaps if you are a traditionalist you may agree that creating wearable art is not true artistry but for me art comes in many forms and many of the hand pleated silk jackets are wonderful examples of these artistic creations. Of course, if you have the space you can have a hand painted silk tapestry for your walls, but maybe something to wear will suffice.

So in honour of St. George and Mother St. George may be you would like to embrace the day by treating yourself to a special work of art in the form of a hand pleated silk jacket.

As an extra special treat Patricia has agreed to offer a 45% discount (off full retail price) on an outfit to go with your pleated jacket provided you order it at the same time as the jacket.

If you are lucky we will have something in stock just for you in your size and in your colour but the chances are that will be lucky so we are quite happy to give you this discount if you place your special order at the same time.

So maybe we should call Friday “St. Georgina’s Day” instead to acknowledge my persuasive powers in getting Patricia to offer a collection of these sought after pieces at such special prices? What do you think?

Pleated Silk Jacket – In Rich Tarnished Gold

Our Price: £2700
St. Georgina’s price?
To be confirmed Friday

Pleated Silk jacket Turquoise

Price: £1755
St. Georgina’s price?
To be confirmed Friday
Luscious Lapis Blue

Price: £2025
St. Georgina’s price?
To be confirmed Friday
You will no doubt have already noticed that there are quite a few cushions and interiors pieces on the site already. Some of the photographs of the larger pieces really do not convey the true artistry especially in the hand pleated silk tapestries and we plan to do some better pictures later in the year but this is at least is a start. They also show you a taster of what you might discover if you come to Wales to visit us at the studios.

I will also be adding some of my button jewellery on the site soon as people are asking for some fun things to go with their summer silk outfits – so more on those very soon. I might even get around to adding some of my stained glass pieces shortly too – depending on how much other work I have to do first.

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