The Treasure Hunt is ON!

Charles and Patricia Lester


The Treasure Hunt is ON!
24th November 2010

The last week has proved rather fun catching up with people and digging for their fantasy outfits in the archives and rails. We now have several delighted people crooning over their treasures. Thankfully only one or two lamenting the fact that we didn’t find exactly the item that fitted the description of their dream outfit although I am deligted to say that we managed to find them something that equated to the next best thing so they are still very happy individuals. Thank you to everyone who took part – it was good fun dreaming with you.


And NOW the Treasure Hunt is on …… precious items scattered throughout the s ite for you to discover…..

and they may be hidden anywhere on the shop!

Christmas presents and stocking filler suggestions – herb bags, scarves and shawls with perhaps a hand painted T-shirt or two.


Our Dresses – not just for Christmas they are for life! Seeking out timeless classics.

Like puppies – our works of art have a full lifetime of pleasure to offer. Whilst there is strength in the silken threads there is life in the classic timeless creations offering stylish options for parties and events for many years to come. **

Pleated silk jacketWe often hear stories of how dresses are, for many years still being brought out from the wardrobe to parade in the limelight of memorable events. It is not unusual for it to be some twenty years after first being discovered in some treasure trove boutique somewhere in the world.

So whilst you may be looking for special outfits for your parties for Christmas – remember that your relationship with these unique pieces will deepen and mature over many years to come. Classic timeless pieces like the Silk Pleated Jackets will always stand the test of time in the fickle world of fashion. But there are many other classic pieces to be discovered …… somewhere ……

If you really cannot find your dream outfit – then you know where to find us. As ever, we always have more precious pieces in the studios (or in the making) than we have online, so it is always worth asking.


** Please note that – there is no guarantee of how long a ‘lifetime of pleasure’ actually is. If you are of a wild spirited nature and relish indulging in regular tornado parties in outrageous locations then your outfits will not last you as long as someone who is perhaps a little more reserved in their celebrations. So we accept no responsibility for your behaviour nor do we guarantee that your outfits will survive such onslaughts – they are made of silk not steel after all.




So …. just to remind you, this sale is now public and we are now tweeting, and facebooking and messaging people to let them know. If you haven’t found your favourite pieces and you need some help then please get in touch as soon as you can.

In the meantime, I hope that you are able to stay away far from the maddening Christmas crowds and enjoy some leisurely shopping online.


Until the next time

All the best

Charles & Patricia Lester

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