Update – NOT an April Fool’s Sale

For some reason we seem to have a problem with the shipping settings on the online shop. It is saying that we do not ship to anywhere outside United Kingdom which of course is complete nonsense.

We ship to anywhere in the world.

I am hoping that we have come up with a solution to bypass this problem. If however it doesn’t work for you then please just get in touch. We can process your order manually.

Anywhere in the world of course might have its limitations. We might have difficulty tracking you down in the depths of some far off jungle where there are no roads and so no couriers but I guess that we could try.

We would assume of course that if you were wrestling with crocodiles or doing a ‘Tarzan-and-Jane’ vine-swinging act under the verdant and luscious canopy of a tropical rainforest that you would not be wanting to wear particularly glamourous silk outfits. However, we won’t judge you too to be too mad if you do.


Strikingly contrasting jungle reds

Jungle CamouflageIf you do decide to go for such a trip then may I recommend going for the Lipstick Reds or the Flame colours? I am sure that these would be a stunning contrast to the surrounding greenery. Although if there is a danger of anything out there that might want to come and eat you then a bit of camouflage might be a better choice. Perhaps then the greens might be worth considering – the Emerald and Opal Greens would be particularly good as they are rather reminiscent of the lush greens of such exotic territories.


I am sure you will find something suitable charlespatricialester.com!



To discuss your particular needs and requirements – including deliveries for your Jungle adventures – please do not hesitate to give us a call. We may not be experts in the best insect repellents but we do know a thing or two about the need for comfortable clothes.

In the meantime, I am now going to wrestle with the bits of software that don’t understand International Shipping to come up with a more permanent solution to this silly problem.

I will be looking forward to hearing all about your plans

Wishing you all the best


Charles & Patricia Lester

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