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September 2009

London Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week – London Fashion Week – Milan Fashion Week – Paris Fashion Week


New York is somewhere over there!


Fashion Week Then and Now.

Many years ago we were in Venice quietly wandering down the strange decaying and beautiful alleyways – a sound erupted from behind a wall. It was the sound of children escaping from school – Charles froze. It is that kind of feeling that we should be having about the headlines relating to ‘Fashion Week’. Charles had left teaching some time previously, but still he blanched at the sound and felt pangs of guilt thinking that he should be looking after that hidden crowd of small people.

Charles & Patricia Lester

Words of appreciation on an autumn evening in Wales

Words of appreciation on an autumn evening in Wales


The world has shrunk into the palm of my hand.

Recently I was marvelling at modern technology and sent an e-mail to a friend who was away from home at a conference in Atlanta, I said: “the world has shrunk into the palm of my hand”. Her response was “I accessed my e-mails on my Iphone which fits in the palm of my hand”. And that is what is so amazing. I do not have an Iphone, but the way that this little box that is my computer will introduce me to all sorts of people and knowledge from around the world still fills me with awe.

Scarves and Shawls

THE NEW ON-LINE SHOP: Scarves and shawls These scarves and shawls are on the on-line shop.   Silk viscose satin – …

Hello Magazine

HELLO MAGAZINE   Feature in Hello magazine – Report: FRANCESCA FEARON Photography: Paul Massey  

Country Living

Charles and Patricia Lester’s sumptuous textiles and timeless evening clothes are a byword in international fashion.  GABBI TUBBS visits them at home …

25 Beautiful Homes

Author: Pat Garrett Photography: Christopher Drake THE PROPERTY Location Monmouthshire Wales. Building. Part of a mansion built from 1690, split into two …

Period House mirror

Period House

Screen Stars The home of Charles and Patricia Lester is a showcase for their fabulous textile designs. Lucille Grant is treated to …

L’Oeil – 1988

L’OEIL                     L’œil 1988 Regard sur une nuit de Noel fastueuse et romantique …