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March 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

Quietly supportive

Elizabeth Taylor – sadness tinged with huge respect for a woman who was the last of the real ‘film stars’ in its true sense – out of this world – or more out of all our worlds.  She was the reason that we started buying ‘Hello’ magazine as people began telling us that they had seen a picture of her in the magazine wearing our clothes.

So elegant in the white cleverly enhancing her white hair.

Spring – Fashionably unfashionable

Fashionably unfashionable

As we emerge out of the recession we are confronted with the predicament ‘should we cheer ourselves up a bit and go shopping’ or should we still be ‘shopping in our wardrobes’?

It has been a principle of ours to make clothes that transcend fashion, age and time barriers are not important and this has come to light recently with delightfully enthusiastic comments coming from people from various parts of the world. Comments like: ‘my dresses are my jewels’ – ‘I wear this dress to every special event’ – ‘I love my dress that I bought many years ago and want to wear it for my wedding and would love a special coat to go with it’ ‘ I love these clothes and when she can my daughter borrows them’.

Now this might be considered a bad commercial mistake – should we consider a self-destruct element which might encourage people to buy over and over again. Could this be the reason that the shops are reluctant to carry the collection. We have suggested to one or two fans that we are considering using a thread that will disintegrate and make them vulnerable to public nakedness – with varying amusing responses.