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It may only be my second week at CPL as digital assistant but I’ve discovered a lifetime worth of fashion history in the archives from some incredible photographers and publications. I’ve collated a few of my favourites below, some of which were created by people who were the initial spark in my interest in the fashion industry years ago.5b4c3dae62255a406d5d5872b42fec31-1Taken from ELLE 1989, this is such a breathtaking image of the gorgeous velvet coat. It was actually remade by the studio for Lauren Bacall to wear in the film ‘These Foolish Things’ in 2005. The location is amazing and works so well with the natural quality of the fabric and the colour of the velvet. Testino is such an iconic photographer and this image, to me, is just a wonderful piece of fashion history.a05153a8f25541fffeacf8bc2ca75cf5This shot from The Observer Magazine 1991 by Mark Borthwick stood out immediately. It’s a different context to how the garments are normally shot. Often stylists will take CPL garments in an ethereal direction but this is quite an edgy, powerful image. I like the simplicity also, its devoid of accessories but it’s very striking nontheless.e56e9867079ab95b61916c06e80be09fClassic ethereal from Marie Claire 1994, such a stand out picture and beautifully composed. The makeup is also by one of my favourite artists Lisa Eldridge who has just taken over as creative director for Lancome.d53aa2e07cfb98c62925bb23e31398c7This is one of the first images I came across in the archives and it’s from the British Couture Collections Magazine 1990. The BCC was a group of British couture designers, who after LFW would show their collections in Paris. The group included of course Charles and Patricia Lester, Eavis & Brown, Penny Green and Helen Anderson. It was started from a love of quality, craftsmanship and glamour that transended the ready to wear market.890f0adb1a60e5cadb4511208e7104bfA very playful image from WWD Scene Magazine 1986 for a beauty editorial. The royal styling works very well with the shiny, glamour of the silk and it creates a story behind the image that’s far more interesting than just depicting trends.fa995eb51102f254b6496c6201d109b2This silver veil by Patricia Lester was photographed by Cindy Palmano for the Sunday Times Magazine. It’s such a simple and yet effective piece and I love the earyness of this picture. It’s amazing how something so simple as a square cape can be so striking when crafted in an unusal fabric.

 I’m sure this won’t be my last look in the archives so keep an eye out for more editorials, videos and press pictures from the studio soon.

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