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Winter Blue Skies

Happy New Year

  Thank you! Thank you for sharing 2010 with us. May the best of 2011 shine on you!   May the beauty …

Charles and Patricia Lester

The Treasure Hunt is ON!

  The Treasure Hunt is ON! 24th November 2010 The last week has proved rather fun catching up with people and digging …

Charles & Patricia Lester

April 15th 2010

April News – March Hares, Social Media Madness and more to come …. The sun is shining, the daffodils are blooming with …

Body shapes

I look like a turnip

This week I bought some turnips – is that a mind shattering development in the world of fashion – no not really. I was curious to see exactly what a customer meant when she looked at herself in an outfit and said: ‘I look like a turnip’. I smile every time I think of her comment that day. So examining the shape of the turnips – I understand what she meant. As she stood in front of the mirror in a lovely coloured pleated two piece her waistline just seemed to bulge – it was not so much her body, but the effect of a two piece with a pretty curly edge on the hem of the top that gave a look of bulk in the middle of the whole outfit. She then tried on a simple column of a dress and immediately she stood tall and slim. The combination of how she perceived herself and the shape of the garment caused a certain dropping of the spirits and drooping of the body.


Morris A Life with Bells On

December 4th 2009

At last I have managed to catch up with myself to fulfil my promise to tell you why we are giving away …

November 20th 2009

Having trouble viewing this email? Click here This is just a very quick email to let you know that the special prices …

Dougrey Scott


The Ten Commandments It was not the first time that we had an urgent call from a costume designer when, out of …