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Classic pleated silk collection


Charles and Patricia Lester have been creating unique hand pleated silk outfits for a number of years now. The pleated silk is soft and luxurious curving elegantly on the body gently complementing the natural curves of women’s feminine figures. It is not at all like machine pleated fabrics which can be very crisp and angular. The fabric itself lends itself very well to the unique intricate swirling which is often used for decorated yokes and waistlines.

We have included a wide range of images to illustrate just a few of these hand pleated silk outfits which form a part of Charles and Patricia Lester’s signature collection.



Classic velvet collection





Charles and Patricia create extraordinary hand painted sumptuous velvet outfits using unique and unusual techniques for applying colour and designs to their fabrics.Velvet itself has a natural glow which is beautifully accentuated by the unusal array of colours and tones. All pieces are hand painted individually and many have a huge variety of tones incorporated into one piece – something you only find in nature or on an artist’s pallette.

The Lesters have invented and developed many unique printing techniques giving their designs an unique difference to the works of other textile artists. The quality of their devored fabric is second to none as are their hand misted fabrics, gold and laquer printed lengths.

We have included a range of photographs which illustrate a small range of items created using many of these unique techniques for treating the silk velvet.