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Designer Wearable Art

This particular group of clothes have something particularly unique about them. Some are made from especially individual hand painted pieces of silk. Others are created from those seredipitous moments when processes don’t go quite according to plan creating something more wonderful and unique. On occasion, painting techniques develop instigating new ways of applying colour and texture but are so labour intensive that they will never become a part of the regular manufacturing process. Many of the items are one offs never to be repeated works of art that would fit well in any fabulous art gallery.

Scarves and Shawls

THE NEW ON-LINE SHOP: Scarves and shawls These scarves and shawls are on the on-line shop.   Silk viscose satin – …

art pieces hand painted luxury

Art coats and jackets

These painted coats and jackets make a unusual statement pieces which can uplift a plain outfit or accompany something a little more extraordinary. These art pieces are one-off because of the nature of the hand painted textile and although there may be similar examples in the collections they will all have their own individual identity.