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Luxury for interior design

Inspiration for interior design can be found anywhere.  Below is a small selection of cushions, throws, glass art and textured floor art –  together with colour inspirations taken from the garden, mould, anything that shows interesting combinations of colours and textures.


luxury interior textiles for thebedroom

Soft feminine colours for a tranquil bedroom colour scheme.


Colours of faded flowers give a soft infusion of colour

Soft tones of faded pink and lilacs are perfect for a feminine bedroom colour scheme


rich luxurious chocolate brown colours for a more masculine theme

Luxury chocolates inspire a decadent theme for an interior project.

cocoa evocative of luxury

Open a box of Belgian chocolates and be tempted by the luxurious colours!


Use highlight colours to enhance a simple colour spectrum

If the colour theme is neutral a highlight of a dramatic colour will make an interesting feature in the room.


Purple for interior decoration highlights 

Purple is a great colour to add to a green monotone colour theme. 

























 dramatic colour combinations for interior design scheme









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