Textiles for period drama inspired by John Cheltenham Wake

period dramaIn order to demonstrate how we can easily capture the essence of a picture for creating any unique textile for period drama film work we decided to publish a ‘look book’.  We chose pictures from many different  periods throughout history and then matched colours and textures to those images.  For our research we journeyed through history right from the Dark Ages to the 1930s and 40s.  While exploring the huge resource of pictures on the internet for the Victorian period I came across two pictures actually painted by my great grandfather, John Cheltenham Wake.  I had heard stories of him being a painter and that he had painted the ceiling of the Music Room in Buckingham Palace – was he a painter and decorator?  Then I was told that he had been commissioned by the then Prince of Wales to paint Lillie Langtry – two paintings one called ‘Night’ and the other ‘Morning’.  I have never been able to find out anything about these paintings which are now only in the misty family memories.  I have over the years found a number of seascapes and buildings but never, until now, any pictures of people.

Textiles for period drama

This picture shows so brilliantly what we say about how we paint fabric as an artist does by painting with all sorts of hidden tones that build up to the final colour.  The shadows and highlights that capture the fluidity of the cloth, the texture of the folds and creases is what we try to capture to give the fabric a unique dimension before we carry on with the hand printing, texturing and pleating.

We have already started on this film adventure – by making most of the costumes for a horror film at the end of last year.  Now we want to do more so this look-book has been created to whet the appetite of any costume designer, line producer, costume buyer –  where it will lead us – goodness knows!

period textiles

Artist: John Cheltenham Wake

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